Donate a car to Family Promise!

Family Promise of B-CS has an agreement with the Center for Car Donations, a reputable and reliable organization, that will benefit both you and our organization.  Here is how it works

  • You call the Center for Car Donations at (877) 411-3662.
  • Let them know you want the proceeds of your vehicle to go to Family Promise of B-CS.
  • The Center for Car Donations will pick up your vehicle (same day pick-up available in some areas) and handle all paperwork at absolutely no cost to you. (Non-operational and non-smog certified vehicles accepted.)
  • Your vehicle will be sold and our organization will receive 75% of the sale price after towing, auction, DMV, and transportation fees are deducted.
  • The Center for Car Donations will send you a receipt for your donation and any forms required by the IRS.
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